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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this morning on the kron 4 morning news-- you wont have to wait much longer as apple gets ready to unveil it's latest gadgets. >> darya:and baltimore ravens running back ray rice cut from the team and suspended *indefinitely .
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>> james: these are some of the great pictures. there been a couple of sets all around the bay area. right on the horizon as it was starting. there's been some great sense of people from the bay bridge seen the suit ramon. keep those pictures coming. >> james: will be melded into los or face book and any of those avenues will be fine. i want to begin this hour with the
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east bay forecast. this afternoon it will be signing deadline has lookit the port into a in nine or nine degrees with clouds by the bed. coppe >> george: and the median lights have been active for 15 minutes at the toll plaza. in drive times have gone from 11 minutes to 16 minutes and a snap of a finger. they could read this
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hour or the end of it will we see things backup. the ride, and they point into captors have been slowed. there were already looking heavy troop but the drive times at 30 minutes or more and to livermore. >> mark:our top story we're follwing this morning-- today at will be making a big announcement at a press event in cupertino. >> mark:this is video from yesterday where crews were setting up for the event at flint center and security kept onlookers far away >> mark:what they're announcing has not been revealed. >> mark:kron 4's jackie sissel is live in cupertino with the apple fever that's about to take place out there this morning. jackie
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>>: this is the coverage of the coverage. about two dozen live shots are going on which is readily here. all have over here is the white wall. hamas >> reporter: anytime apple has an announcement this is what happens. the more media comes out of the tampa and people want to know what is going to be and what does it look like. people come of justice see with the announcement will be. we expect
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to see more and more people arrived. but for right now everyone's just going to live chats. event throughout our newscast starting at 8am. >> mark:plus.we'll have live updatesam on kron 4 dot com. >> darya:another big story we're following this morning-- the baltimore ravens have cut running back ray rice. >> darya:this after public outcry over video leaked yesterday showing rice knocking out his then- fiance. inside an elevator in an atlantic city casino
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>> darya:the n-f-l suspended the star running back indefinitely. >>: when someone that you care about does wrong, and his face with the consequences it is tough. migraine is for the both of them as a couple. >> darya:ravens coach john harbaugh expressed his sadness and his support for rice and his wife. >> darya:ravens coach harbaugh insists the team had not seen
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the video showing rice striking his then- fiancee in february until >> darya: suspended for two games. including the raven's home >> darya: in the controversy during a >>: i did not want to comment on a situation where the team had dealt with it would you have seen the president and vice- president make clear that violence against women is something that is not tolerated. >> darya:and obama administration released this statement on rice-- saying-- >> darya:"the president is the father of two daughters. and like any american, he believes that domestic violence is contemptible and unacceptable in a civilized society. hitting a woman is not something a real man does, >> darya:and that's true whether or not an act of violence happens in the public eye, or, far too often, behind closed doors. stopping domestic violence is something that's bigger than football - and all of us have a responsibility to put a stop to it."
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>> darya: a hundred hikers and campers had to evacuate been by the weekend. they believe the fire started from a previous fire. most of the park is still open the exception of the popular area by half dome.
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>> darya:more heavy rainfall is expected in parts of nevada and arizona today. >> darya:torrential floodwaters covered the interstate north of las vegas yesterday. part of it washed away. >> darya:crews in tuscon, arizona, were able to rescue a man trapped inside his car, which was swept >>: we had to smash his window because she couldn't is one hillsdown and more. >> mark:arizona's governor has declared a statewide emergency. >> darya:heavy rain also caused flooding >> darya:hundreds of people have been killed from floodwaters in india and pakistan. and there's a warning of more flooding in the days ahead. >> darya:the floods have put half a million people in danger and thousands of people are
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homeless. >> darya:pakistani and indian troops have been using boats and helicopters to drop food supplies to stranded families and to rescue villagers. >> james: you can see the beautiful sun rise in the making. and there's a lot of mid-50s on the list. and the temperatures this morning is dominated by mid to upper 50s. it will be about 10 or 11:00 by time and breaks up in the east bay. lcds in sunshine by this
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afternoon. >> james: that's a we can expect today. how long are we talking? they that degrees in the delta. in the north bay collision of perception is the low 80s. we go above the 90 degree mark wednesday thursday beyond.
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>> george: were not tracking any hat spot for that could change fast. on arrival at howard for still just a 14 minute drive time. buhowever on how were for westbound tougher problem the los road and walls that the road. and we have been president free is heavy on 580 in dublin as well. ....
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>> george: the media lights have been active for 40 minutes prepared we could see a dangerous threat to bog down. traffic but it's very congested around 7:00. the richmond san rafael bridge is just starting to slow now. >> mark: the city council is in the process of working on a city review board. before he was shot
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and killed by police the chief said he was legally obligated to do so. >> jame>> mark: the council chos choosing it or against would matter if it's below 50%. also happening today. >> darya:emory university hospital in atlanta is preparing to care for another american who has contracted the ebola virus in west africa. >> darya:the air force says, the
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patient will be flown into atlanta today. >> darya:the world health organization says. one of its doctors, working in an ebola treatment center in sierra leone, has tested positive for the disease, but is in stable condition and will be evacuated. >> darya:a preliminary report on malaysia airlines flight 17 shows the aircraft broke up during the flight. "probably as the result of structural damage" caused by multiple "high energy objects" that hit the plane. >> darya:the report was released today by dutch aviation investigators. >> darya:flight 17 came down on july 17th >> darya:at the time, numerous reports suggested the plane was shot >> darya: two-thirds were dutch citizens. the report did not assign any blame for the deadly crash nor evidence of manipulation of the recorders. >> darya:that's despite the crash site being unsecured for several days
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>> darya:the u-s may have identified the masked man in the isis execution video. of american journalist james foley. >> mark: parking headaches at this time saturday. in the major concerns this weekend. in the a's holding on by a thread in the playoffs.
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>> mark:kron 4's vicki liviakis shows us whether that experience. is a litmus test of what fans can expect for n-f-l football this coming sunday in santa clara. >> reporter:this past saturday - 67 thousand the seats of levi's stadium. >> reporter: into those seats - some an hour and a half. >> reporter:many say parking was
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confusing and frustrating. let's flip the scrip to this opener where the crowds are >> reporter:i spoke with niner's media guy - bob lange and he says as long as fans get there in plenty of time and become oriented with parking lots beforehand on the niner's website, there should be no serious delays. >> reporter:in fact here's a video that paints a rosy picture of traffic flow. >> reporter: the team is also recommending people take vta public transit. get there early and hang out at what's called the "faithful mile" to chill out to music. >> reporter:if you must drive, the real bonus is that great america will be closed this sunday and on all >> reporter:so that should take up some of the slack with several thousand additional parking spaces. >> reporter: movie - lange had this to offer earlier. >>:i'm going to use the jerry mcguire analogy "help us help planning before you leave your
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to the stadium that much more enjoyable. >> mark:the oakland a's looking to stay alive in the american league playoff race. and this one was a heart breaker for the a's. >> mark:oakland fell behind early but took the lead after scoring three runs in the fifth inning against the white sox. >> mark:but the white sox would come back and this one would go extra innings and the a's would eventually lose after giving up a home run in the bottom of the >> mark:the loss puts the a's 8 games behind the angels in the american league west. >> mark:and oakland's lead in the wild card is now down to one game. >> mark:catcher buster posey was named the national league player of the week for the first week of september. >> mark:posey recorded 13 hits in only 23 at bats during the week and >> mark:it is the third time posey has won the award in his young career. ahead on the kron 4 morning news.
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>> mark:this morning authorities are resuming their search for the mountain lion that attacked a 6-year-old boy in cupertino over the weekend.
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>> mark: in the dow jones opening out >> james: we are looking out for foster city. during the morning
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hours a going to see this a little cool out there. and there's a slight degree still going to need a jacket this morning. this afternoon sunday and mile. for most of the south bay were talking 70's to mid '80s. in 75 will be the lowest temperature and debbie and mountain view. and tonight is clear skies as we get down to the mid are perfidious. >> james: the delta will be right at the 90 degree mark. 73 phone: 724 san mateo.
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>> george: checking our for top spot of the morning. one and and yet one of pittsburgh and one in concord. so this is one of the slowest rise was sane and sometime. in this the three accidents combined it together. the 58 ride westbound is also pretty slow this morning. if you're headed to the san mateo bridge were watching this thing sloth's here
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>> darya: worst still looking at for the search for the mountain lion that detect little boy. >> reporter: this being day three they hope that the last day. and they have live cages hoping to finally put this to rest.
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>>: this is very atypical of cat behavior. and and maybe stress or hundred that it is suffering. >>: hezekiah monessen everything the drought but he
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>>: it's about three-quarters of the size bigger bell was a normal cat would be. this cat is from the in the 75, arranged the king at the description and. >> reporter: he should survive his injuries there are a lot of scratches on his neck. we hope to talk to the family later on today.
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>> mark:as napa continues to recover from last month's big quake. governor jerry brown issued a proclamation >> mark:declaring september -- california wine month. >> mark:he is encouraging tourists from around the world to come and sample wines. as well as visit other >> mark:attractions. that the state's >> james: a semantic one and if you get a message from apple. if you click on the link you give kuipers or hacker is a way to
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major delays 32 minutes. >> darya: will hayden was on deposit chausson's of guns see our web site to see what he is done. >> darya: are rare rifle proud be able to keep $25 million be cut but that he even though he's been cut.
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the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed. >> james: those of the conditions you have as you go up the door. clear up the
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widespread cloud cover that is low enough. 55 of valero 56 in concord. oakland and hayward will be aired 61 and 62 respectably. 76 amounting to 77 and paul auto. >> james: evergreen will be around 8586 degrees. '89, '90 degrees for and yet. and we have
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the danville for walnut creek. and 724 hayward. 73 to be very nice stack conditions. >> james: this your seventh air around the bay forecasts call for warming. and in the low 90s four-whee. >> george: where three separate accidents this morning are added. 58 minutes and is backed
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up onto one 60s southbound. traffic connect with the west kron 4. plenty of heavy traffic for that ride. oslo commute on five is backing of the right on l. acosta. south bay freeway is still doing pretty well on 101. the bay bridge but is backed up again this morning the westbound ride is slowing from the westbound lanes of the toll plaza. not as bad as just a day but slowing up. >> george: we don't see stop and
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go or slowing go conditions at the toll plaza. 1516 minute drive ties. the delays here on beheading was brought into richmond center farrell is now backing up into the westbound direction. >> mark: the baltimore ravens the severing ties active videos shown from knocking at his fiancee in an elevator. in that 10 this morning apple makes a big announcement of what they
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will be announcing an or under selling. if you have technology that will allow mobile pierce. cahan >> mayesterday denounced the fie phone. >> darya: 99¢ with at&t. if you do with the free amazon prime for a year. the prices on the ballot for limit the amount but the limits the amount of time. >> mark: the hacker could affect
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customers to a used credit cards at the store. hackers have broken into security walls of many retailers including target pripet pierre chang's and goodwill. >> darya: no packing at open-air is in the newhouse rule that an air raid. the only gunman in the store is carried by law- enforcement. pinero s they're not going to post antigun signs this is asking for their employers to confront customers to do have guns. >> mark: 40 years after their
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murderous the fbi releases this picture of a person of interest as the gypsy murderer. he took the lives of five women and san mateo county. carey is currently serving time on a it's in the murder charge in oregon. in 1976 it was this time that were shown that the fbi was seeking a possible witness to the case for what may not live in a cemetery of accounting at the time of the murder. on the port of these new pictures of the personal interests deny reveal why he was connected to the murder.
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>> darya: the 14 year-old accused of murdering a the freshmen. the boy made his first court appearance yesterday. the boy is accused of stabbing the young men to death. they're all one visits to the makeshift memorial at 26 and folkestone. >>: we support one another especially in difficult times we come together.
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>> mark: the dust storm also known asked hubbell move through the valley. together degree of dust and it was followed by a record rainfall flooding downtown phoenix. >> darya: last night was the third and final simone of the year. analysand into kron 4 by our viewers. he is special
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because of this principle more for the last three months in a row. the next super mollen is expected late suit september next year. you can send us pictures act work moves or message us or you melos. >> darya: ahead at the 7:00 hour firefighters continued to fight a massive fire at the assembly parked. and we are now a couple hours away from apple unveiling their latest gadgets. >> darya: rate rice's wife
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speaks about this morning. >> george: we are retracting hot spots here when kron 4 continues.
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makes a highly anticipated announcement this morning. we're live in cupertino. you wont have to wait much longer as apple gets ready to unveil it's latest gadgets. >> mark:


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